5 Surprising Places People Are Getting Filler

5 Surprising Places People Are Getting Filler

We all know of Lip Filler and Cheek Fillers at this stage! Despite the current rise of celebrities and aesthetic treatments, we have always been obsessed with plump lips and faces as this is a symbol of youth and fertility! To help people’s desires for youthful looking skin dermal filler is used. However, did you know Filler seems to be straying from people’s faces?!


5 Surprising Places People are Getting Filler


Hand Filler


Though we give so much attention to our faces to prevent premature ageing, it’s often our hands that reveal our age. We should wear SPF every day on our face, hands, neck and anywhere that is out in the open of the sun’s UVA rays. 90% of skin damage is caused by the sun and in areas with thin skin such as our hands, we really see it.


Filler is gaining popularity for injecting into our hands to smooth out the wrinkles and hide prominent veins. Much like when used wrinkles. The hands are a much more delicate area as there are so many veins, for this reason, many doctors still do not perform filler to the hands.


Jawline Filler


Some people contour their jawline nearly every day to give their jaw a stronger look and to distract from a sagging neck or even a double chin! However for a longer and less time-consuming solution, many are choosing to sculpt their jaw-line with filler or radio-frequency treatments.


By adding filler to the jawline it gives a more sculpted look and defines your face, men, in particular, are very fond of this treatment. How much filler is used would be discussed at your consultation as it differs from person to person?

Butt Filler


It’s no surprise that butts are all the rage right now! Curvy figures are now being more celebrated with the rise of curvier celebrities. Though it is not commonly done in Ireland or the UK it’s getting huge popularity in America.  Thicker filler must be used for this as when we sit we will wear it down much quicker. This requires a high amount of filler and can be very expensive. Surgeons still say the safest and most reliable way for Butt enhancement is a fat transfer which is using your own fat from your body and simply moving it.


Nose Filler (Non-Surgical Nose job)


This is something that is very popular in Amara, though it is not suitable for everyone. For large issues such as nose reduction surgery may still be needed. Typically a non-surgical nose job with dermal filler is used for simply straightening the bridge of the nose. This straightens the nose which makes it look more symmetrical and even smaller. Whether or not this is suitable for you will be decided on your consultation.


Feet Filler


This probably the least common of all! Filler is now being used in some places to prevent foot pain from walking in heels! The treatment also known as the ‘Killer Heel’ treatment injects filler into the balls of the feet to cushion them when walking.The anatomy of the foot is very complex and this should only be done by someone who is experienced.


Where would you get filler if you could get it anywhere?! Let us know in the comments below.


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