What The Deal With Baby Botox?

What The Deal With Baby Botox?

For certain celebrities, “Baby Botox” treatments are the ultimate in beauty discretion: they get the anti-aging benefits while still being able to act and show a complete range of expressions.


What is Baby Botox?


Baby Botox (or Micro Botox) refers to when a small amount of Botox is used to treat fine lines or movement in the face. Smaller amounts of units are used making the treatment weaker, thereby making the treatment more subtle.


Why Would I Get Micro Botox?


Many people choose to get Micro Botox as they are nervous about their treatment being noticeable, although typically with an experienced doctor your treatment would not be.


Common reasons to get Micro Botox:


  1. It’s is your first time trying Botox
  2. You are nervous about looking too frozen
  3. If you have very faint signs of ageing – typically the first lines we see will be our frown line and our worry lines. When these are still minuscule then smaller doses of Botox are perfect for easing them off naturally.
  4. You want to keep more movement in your face

Will I need Micro Botox More Often than Regular Botox?


How often you get Botox is completely up to you! How fast your body wears off Botox is different for everyone and micro Botox is no different. Typically 3 months would be common for Micro Botox, however, there are a few exceptions.


Depending on how long you have been getting treatments your body will react differently, for some people you may get the treatments less frequently as you get your face out of the habit of making the same expressions that were causing the wrinkles.


For others, our body gets used to the Botox quicker meaning it wears off quicker. Our lifestyles affect this such as your skincare regime or your daily activities etc.


How Much is Micro Botox?


Like regular Botox, Micro botox is charged per area. How much this will cost will be dependant on your own concerns. You and I can discuss this at your consultation and see exactly how much botox is right for you!


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