Botox For Frown Lines

Botox treatments for frown lines now available in our Harley Street clinic

Botox Treatments For Frown Lines - Canary Wharf

Frown lines are the vertical lines that we get in between the eyebrows when we are angry. These lines also can have bumps either side of them and can make us look angry and unapproachable.

Treatment of frown lines with Botox

Botox Treatments for Frown Lines - Canary WharfTo treat frown lines botox is applied to the Glabella. This involves 5 injections.

There are two injections into each corrugator muscle and one injection into the procerus muscle. The Procerus muscle pulls the centre of the eyebrows down slightly and can cause a horizontal line across the bridge of the nose.

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About The Treatment

Frown lines can be treated with Botox very quickly – here is a video of one of our clients having a treament in the glabella area for treatment of frown lines.

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Botox Treatments for Frown Line – Harley Street Prices

One area is only £250 – extra areas are £50 each and Botox comes at a premium of £50 for a whole treatment (not per area).

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