Botox for Jaw Muscles (Bruxism)

Botox Treatments for Bruxism now available in our Harley Street clinic

Botox Injections for Bruxism - Canary Wharf

Botox can be injected into the masseters, the jaw muscles. The botox in this area weakens these muscles and can be very effective for adjusting the shape of the face.

For those with a square appearance or prominent jaw musculature, the weakening of these muscles can have a pleasing effect. Bruxism is the act of grinding the teeth excessively and can result in an overdeveloped muscle in this area.

Botox Treatment for Jaw Muscles

Botox Treatments for Jaw Muscles - Bruxism - Canary WharfBotox Treatment is quick and effective in this area. First a consultation with your injector is essential where it is decided if you are suitable for the treatment and safe to have botox. The area at the corner of the mandible bone (the furthest back and lowest part of the jaw) is injected 3 times into the muscle. The injections will take about 3 seconds each and the whole procedure can be done in under a minute.

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About The Treatment

Treating the sides of the jaw with botox can help with grinding of teeth and can also be a great treatment to reduce the appearance of a wide jaw.

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Botox for Jaw Muscle Treatment Cost

Botox costs £350 to be treated in this area – extra areas are just £50.

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