Botox Treatment for Bunny Lines

Botox Treatments for Bunny Lines now available in our Harley Street clinic

Bunny Line treatments with botox - Canary Wharf

Botox for bunny lines? What are bunny lines? Bunny lines are the small lines that we all have across the nose, and botox can be a very effective way to reduce their visibility.

The lines can become more pronounced if you have been having botox at the eyes without this treatment. It can happen especially if you have been having strong botox treatments on the eyes.

The bunny lines are natural looking but when the rest of the lines have been softened, they can stand out as unusual because they are often neglected.

Botox Bunny Lines Treatment

Botox Treatment for Bunny LinesA Botox bunny line treatment begins with a consultation with your injector. After a chat and deciding if the treatment is right for you, the treatment may go ahead.

First your injector will clean the skin around the area at the sides of the nose. Then you will be asked to scrunch the nose up slightly to see exactly where your muscle is. An icepack and local anaesthetic cream can be used to minimise pain. Then you will have a small injection of Botox or dysport on each side of the nose. The injection penetrates only 1-2mm below the skin and takes about 2 seconds on each side.

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About The Treatment

Botox can be injected into the small muscles at the sides of the nose to reduce the appearance of bunny lines. Watch a video of this treatment.

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Botox for bunny lines cost

Botox on the bunny lines is £200 – treatment is free if 3 other areas are done

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