Botox Treatments for Under Eyes

Botox Treatments for Under Eye now available in our Harley Street clinic

Botox Treatment for Under Eyes - Canary Wharf

Botox can be used under the eyes by confident and trained injectors. Under the eyes can often be neglected in a botox treatment. This can result in smoothness at the sides of the eyes, but lines underneath the eyes.

Treating this area can give a more complete and natural looking treatment.

The muscle around the eye is shaped like a big letter C and usually just the ‘back’ of the C is treated but the lower arm of the C sometimes needs treatment too to make sure the lines don’t just move to a different place.

Botox For Under Eyes Treatment

Botox Treatment for Under EyeBotox treatment under the eyes involves a small injection under each eye in the centre. After a full consultation with your injector, you will discuss and decide on a treatment plan. If botox is for you, then a small injection is placed just underneath the eyes. Sometimes this is divided into 2 injections to give best results. Only 1-2units of botox or dysport are typically used for this treatment and it is often done as part of an eye treatment with no extra charge.

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About The Treatment

Treating with botox under the eye can result in a great and more natural result around the eyes. A small injection with 1-2 units of botox can help under eye lines.

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Botox for Under Eyes cost

When done as part of a botox treatment on the eyes, there is no cost for this treatment, otherwise it is £200

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