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Our Harley Street Clinic has a full range of Botox treatments available.

Botox Treatments For Frown Lines - Canary Wharf

Amara provide one of the most comprehensive range of Botox treatments in London with over 6,000 botox treatments successfully completed by Dr. Paul

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Botox for Worry Lines

Excessive use of the forehead results in horizontal lines across the forehead known as worry lines. These lines can easily be treated with 6 tiny injections into the forehead find out more about botox treatments for worry lines.

Botox for Smile Lines

Smile lines can be the evidence of a happy life. However if you don’t mind parting with them, then botox for smile lines can be a very effective treatment.

Botox for Frown lines

Botox can be used to treat frown lines with great success. The daily stresses and strains of office work and straining at a computer screen can be cancelled with a 5 small injections in the forehead. Find out more about botox for frown lines

Botox Brow Lift

A surgical brow lift used to be the way to lift the forehead and open up the eyes, but the new kid on the block is a Botox brow lift. A gentle Botox brow lift can be one of the most rejuvenating botox treatments you will have.

Botox for Smokers Lines

Smokers and non smokers can benefit from 4 injections into the upper lip. But don’t worry, this won’t change the size of your lips in any way, it just stops you from forming those annoying smokers lines. Find out more about Botox for smokers lines

Botox Mentalis Treatment (chin line)

A witch’s chin is a feature of aging, as the chin starts to lift up thanks to the action of the mentalis muscle. If this is not your thing, stop mother nature in her tracks with a very effective treatment of Botox for mentalis muscle.

Botox for Bruxism or Wide Jaw

Some women have round faces, some have oval faces and some have square faces. If you find your jaw is a little wider than you would like, weakening your mentalis muscle can give you more of a heart shape. Botox for Bruxism is also useful for those that grind their teeth.

Botox for Gummy Smile

Showing a little more gum than you would prefer when you smile? If you are holding back when you flash your pearly whites, then perhaps you could benefit from a botox for gummy smile treatment. This treatment can also be used for an uneven smile.

Botox for Under Eyes

Neglecting to treat under the eyes can result in an unnatural treatment with lines getting worse under the eyes or developing bunny lines. Want to keep your Botox a secret and get a strong treatment on the eyes, find out more about Botox for under eyes and Botox for bunny lines

Harley Street Botox Experts

Looking for the best botox on Harley Street or even the best botox in London? Amara Aesthetics is the final destination in your search. We have the most competitive prices, the biggest selection of products and the most experienced doctors. We also provide a larger selection than most other clinics who only offer 1 – 3 areas that can be treated. We do all the advanced areas for those that need them. Give us a call or drop us an email today!

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