Can I Stop Sweating In This Heat?

Can I Stop Sweating In This Heat?

So this good weather may be temporary or we may have an indian summer who knows? One thing is for sure we’re sweating alot! Let see how we can combat excessive sweating.


For starters let’s see if our sweating is normal or is excessive. Typically we sweat when we exercise, its very high temperature or in extreme stress. If you sweat at times when this does not occur then that may be Hyperhidrosis.


What is Hyperhidrosis?


Hyperhidrosis is extreme excessive sweating that can occur due to nerve issues or an underlying medical condition. If there is an underlying medical condition that must be treated to combat the sweating.


We sweat when our brain sends signals to our nervous system that we need to cool down, however with Hyperhidrosis we receive these signals when we do not need them. It is believed to be an issue with our nervous systems.


It is best to first consult a doctor to make sure that it is not an underlying health issue before seeking out help for sweating.


How Can We Stop Sweating?

High Strength Anti Perspirant


There are prescribed deodorants that aim to minimize sweating. These can be bought for underarms, hairline or the hands. However they will need to be topped up consistently. These may not work for everyone however depending on how severe and where your sweating is.




Iontophoresis is a medical treatment to treat overactive sweat glands. In Iontophoresis mild electrical currents are sent through water into the skin. This blocks your sweat glands temporarily.


Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Using Botox we can numb the muscles that push sweat out of the body. This can be done in Amara with underarms or around the hairline.


Botox works by numbing the muscles where it is injected  – by injecting areas where we sweat i.e underarms we can stop the muscles from physically pushing out the sweat. This Is completely safe to do and lasts as long as a regular Botox treatment (3-4 Months).


Dress For The Heat


Though it may seem obvious what you wear will greatly affect your sweat. Investing in athletic wear that is built for sweat will help you cope. If this is not possible with your work then layering your clothes is a help typically for men wearing an undershirt and layering lighter fabrics such as linen on top.


Avoid Hot Foods


Eating spicy foods is likely to make you sweat more, Eating foods such as onions and garlic will make your sweat smell stronger, if odour is an issue it’s best to avoid these foods.



Are you concerned about your sweating? Contact us to find out more!

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