What are those little marks on my chin? Before & After Photos Inside!

What are those little marks on my chin? Before & After Photos Inside!

Do you have unexplained dimples or lines or on your chin? You may have pebble chin!

What’s Pebble Chin?

A pebble chin is a nickname that has been given to bumpiness and uneven skin texture on the chin. When you flex your chin muscles you may see little dimples where we have lost volume. Because of the tiny divots in the skin this has become to be known as pebble lines, Orange peel or even cobblestone lines!


What Causes Pebble Chin?

These chin wrinkles  are actually caused by a loss of collagen as well as excessive flexing of the chin muscles! As we age we naturally lose collagen and elastin in our skin. Depending on our lifestyle this typically starts in our 20’s – however if we are excessively using these muscles then these pebble lines can start even earlier!


You may think you never use your chin muscles, however these muscles are used when we clench our jaws. Some people involuntarily contract these muscles in the chin – this constant movement is what causes the wrinkles to appear.


How Can I Fix My Pebble Chin?


The quickest and easiest way to treat ‘pebble chin’ is with a small amount of botox. Though traditionally Botox would be more popular for the upper face and Dermal Filler used for the lower face there are some concerns it is particularly useful for like smokers lines. Other skin care treatments like micro needling and a good skin care routine will also help your skin texture.

How Can Botox  Help Pebble Chin?

The quickest and most efficient way to help orange peel chin is with a small amount of Botox. Using Botox we stop these muscles from moving when we clench our jaw – As you can see in the before and after photo – after just 2 weeks it’s very effective! Botox can take up to 2 weeks to kick in so it stops the movement slowly.

Can I Get Botox Everywhere In The Face?

Botox is typically used for the upper face in areas such as crows feet, worry lines, frown lines etc. However it can also be used for smokers lines, the chin, bruxism and narrowing the jaw. Botox can also be used in most places all over the body such as excessive sweat treatments, muscle disorders, nerve disorders and even migraine treatments.


How Much Is Botox In The Chin?


Chin Botox counts as one area which makes it £250 pounds. Chin Botox can of course be done at the same time as your regular Botox or Filler Treatment.


Am I Suitable For Chin Botox?

For any Botox or Filler treatment the best thing to do is to come in for a consultation. Here we can discuss all of your concerns and go over what treatment would work best for you. If we decide that Botox will work then we can do the treatment on the same day.

Are you interested in a Botox Treatment on Harley street? Book in for your consultation now!

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