Are Dermal Fillers Animal Friendly?

Are Dermal Fillers Animal Friendly?

We get many questions about Lip Fillers creeping up and one that seems to be getting more and more popular is Are Lip Fillers Vegan friendly?


Let’s find out!

Is there Animal Fat In Dermal and Lip Fillers?


Traditionally past fillers (known as collagen injections) were actually made from animal fats that were added to our own fat in our bodies. Naturally sometimes our fat didn’t meld well with a foreign substance. This created the 90’s filled looked that can still haunt many people today!


It’s important to note that these animal fat based fillers are still in use today it’s just less likely with the introduction of Hyaluronic Acid based Fillers.


What is Hyaluronic Acid?


Hyaluronic Acid is naturally in our bodies – it hold moisture in our skin allowing it to create volume. As we age we naturally lose Hyaluronic acid and depending on our lifestyle, some will lose it faster than others.


Modern day fillers are made with lab made Hyaluronic Acid meaning that they form seamlessly with our bodies – this also means they contains no animal products. Juvederm Fillers which are used in Amara Clinic on Harley Street and Dublin are Hyaluronic Acid based and are Vegan friendly.


Are all Hyaluronic Acid Dermal and Lip Fillers Vegan Friendly?


It is important if you are Vegan that you check on the manufacturer’s website whether they are or not. Though modern Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are synthetically based some clinics may still use other so it’s important to do your own research when looking for a clinic.


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