Where Exactly Can I Get Filler?

Where Exactly Can I Get Filler?

Typically filler is associated with lips! However you would be surprised where Filler can be used! As people can also get Botox and Filler mixed up let’s see what exactly Filler is used for!


What is Filler?


First off let’s clarify exactly what Filler is! It comes in many types but the most up to date and used one at the minute is Hyaluronic based Filler such as Juvederm. Other fillers can use Lactic Acid and actually need to be mixed before injecting.


Hyaluronic Acid filler is pre-made and is ready to mould with the area it is injected.


Where can Filler be used?


Lip Filler


Probably the most common and known type of Dermal Filler , Lip Filler is used to enhance the volume of the lips. We can also change the shape of the lips as well as using small amounts of filler for lip corrections.




The Philtrum is the two little lines that connect your nose to your lips. Using Filler we can enhance the Philtrum. This is commonly done when receiving Lip Filler as it keeps your treatment looking natural.


Under Eyes (Tear Trough)


Although this is more specialised as it is such a delicate area. We can use Filler to treat dark circles or hollows under the eye. Overall this treatment takes about 5 minutes but makes a huge difference!




Dermal Filler can of course be used in the cheeks! As we age our cheeks tend to sag as we lose collagen by using Dermal Filler we can replace this lost volume. By adding filler here we can also give ourselves that contoured look but in a natural way.


Nasolabial Folds


Like Cheek Fillers we can raise our nasolabial folds with filler. This stops the dropping look that so many people particularly women can get.



Again this another specialist one that I offer at Amara! By using the tiniest amount of filler on the bridge of the nose we can even out the line. Though this is only for subtle changes and for a major difference to the nose surgery will still be required. Many of the people i have seen for this have already had nose procedures done and use this to get the optimum look that they want.




Yes dermal fillers are available in some places for the feet! The foot cushioning treatment is particularly aimed at those who wear high heels! This is particularly skilled and still not that common. Knowing the anatomy of the feet is essential for this as injecting in the wrong area, or too much or too little filler will actually just give the opposite effect.


Where you can get Filler is actually getting more uses (though not as much as Botox) – it can also be used in deep set wrinkles to plump them out where Botox can’t. Of course for any treatment a consultation is needed to see what will work the best for you.


Book your consultation now and see if Filler can help your concern at Amara Harley Street!


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