How To Get Perfect Lips

How To Get Perfect Lips

The human race has always been obsessed with big juicy lips! Typically because they are a sign that women are fertile and we are naturally attracted to them. So if we weren’t born with a naturally plump out what can we do?


Let’s have a look at what ways we are using to make our lips bigger and if they’re safe!


Makeup For Bigger Lips


Probably the most common and safest way to make our lips look bigger! Overlining your lips is a simple way to make your lips look bigger as well as change their shape!


Using a mix of Lip Stick, Lip Liner and Concealer you can completely change your shape and size!


My Verdict:


Make up is a perfect and safe way to make your lips look bigger if you are talented with lip liner! Using the wrong colour pallette may give you that 90’s lip look!


Though makeup is a safe way to make your lips appear larger it may not be a feasible solution for everyday, getting the right look takes some time and will need to be topped up throughout the day.


Lip Filler


There are different types of Lip Filler but today the most advanced is Hyaluronic Acid based Fillers. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our bodies so these fillers work the best to blend seamlessly with our own hyaluronic and collagen. Juvederm fillers from Allergan contain Lidocaine which numb the lips while being injected – this minimises any pain that may be felt and will also help with swelling along with an icepack. Lip Filler as well as changing the volume of your lips can change the shape of your lips as well as strengthening the vermillion border and cupids bow



My Verdict


Lip Fillers are perfectly safe once they are done by a qualified doctor! Before getting any aesthetic non surgical procedure it is important to research exactly who is performing the treatment – their experience, their previous results etc. It is also important to research what product they are using and how advanced it is.


Lip Plumpers

Lip Plumpers can very greatly! Some using natural and delicate ingredients and work to hydrate your lips over time giving them a plumper look (like small amounts of unconcentrated peppermint oil). However some are designed to give an instant pout by causing irritation and allergic reaction!

Searching Youtube will show you tonnes of Beauty Vloggers Lips gone wrong. Some even use Cayenne Pepper or Wasabi to cause an allergic reaction! These are dangerous and could cause irrefutable damage to your lips.


My Verdict:


Lip plumpers that work to hydrate your lips by daily use should be fine and give you more (but subtle) definition over time should be safe to use once the ingredients are not aggressive. However home made or one day lip plumpers can be very dangerous and cause damage over time to your lips.



Lip Cups / Suction


A couple of years ago the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge took youtube and facebook by storm! Teenagers used shot glasses to suction their lips until they were half the size of their face, without watching the fail videos it will seem obvious that this a stupid and dangerous thing to do. However now you can buy a professional lip cup! These cups use suction to bring the blood to your lips and cause them to swell. The results are temporary and are designed for use before going out.


My Verdict


Just like the challenge these lip cups are dangerous. By constantly plumping your lips you will likely cause lines and wrinkles around your mouth prematurely (smokers lines) as well as drying out and causing your lips to crack. These are best to stay away from completely!



Have you seen a new way to plump your pout? Ridiculous? Marvelous? Tell us in the comments below!



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