Hyperhidosis Treatment

Hyperhidosis Treatments with Botox now available in our Harley Street clinic

Botox Hyperhidrosis Treatments - Canary Wharf

Hyperhidrosis (Botox for sweating) Botox can be used for treating excessive sweating otherwise known as hyperhidrosis. The treatment is becoming more and more popular recently, among men and women.

The treatment can last 4-8 months and results in decreased sweating under the arms. People find it particularly useful for weddings or occasions when they want to wear ‘that dress’ but don’t want to look like ‘that girl’!

Hyperhidrosis treatment – Botox for Sweating

botox for sweating - hypderhidrosisBotox for Underarm sweating is very quick and relatively painless. On the day of treatment, you will have a consultation with your doctor to ensure you are suitable. It is important to wear a top that makes it convenient to expose the armpits. The armpits are gently cleaned to reduce the minimal risk of infection. After cleaning, the doctor will mark the area and divide your armpit into 10 different sections. At this point 15 units dysport or 6 units of botox are injected into each site 1-2 mm underneath the skin.

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About The Treatment

Excess sweating can be treated with botox for sweating. Watch a video about this treatment.

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment Harley Street cost

As hyperhidrosis botox treatment requires much more botox than other areas of the face for example, it costs a little more. At amara aesthetics, we charge £450 for full treatment (both armpits) which should control things for 4-8 months. Ask about pricing discount for repeat treatments.

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