Are Lip Fillers Sore?

Are Lip Fillers Sore?

One of the biggest Questions and fears people have about Lip Fillers is will it it hurt?

Let’s take a look at how we make getting Lip Fillers as comfortable as possible in Amara Harley Street.


What Makes Lip Fillers Hurt?


The Lip Filler Needle


The thought of a needle is usually much worse that the actual thing (much like a dentist). However the needles used for Filler are tiny and smaller than a needle used in a dentist’s office.


Numbing the Lips for Lip Filler lip-fillers-amara-london


Before any injections take place we first numb the Lips. Using Ice packs we hold them on the Lip or the area we are injecting. The area above the top lip and the cupid’s bow tends to be more sensitive so we make sure to hold the ice longer there. By numbing the area we lessen the feel of the needle entering to place the Lip Filler. The needle entering the skin or lip is the only uncomfortable part of the Lip Filler or Dermal Filler Treatment.


After the Lip Filler is added I then massage it into place.


Can we use Numbing Cream for Lip FIller?


Numbing Cream can be used, however depending on the numbing cream this will need an extra 10 – 20 minutes to work. Also depending on what area is being injected to the numbing cream will not sink in as far as the needle – meaning the needle will pass it. Using Ice packs is a much quicker way of numbing the Lips and is also very easy to keep applying.


What Lip Filler is being used?


At Amara I use the Juvederm range of Filler, not only are these the most technologically advanced Hyaluronic Acid FIllers available they also contain Lidocaine ( a local anesthetic) .


The local anesthetic will help with any uncomfortableness  that occurs with swelling after the injection this will last for a few hours after the treatment.


Who is Injecting the Lip Filler?


Like everything the more experience you have with something the quicker and better it will be!  Who is injecting your Filler ? Is it a Doctor or a Nurse? How long have they been performing Lip Fillers.


The more experienced your doctor is the quicker and easier your treatment will be. I have been performing injectable Aesthetic treatments since 2007 and have injected over 10 000 patients in my own clinic in Dublin and London. I also perform injectable training courses for other doctors.


Are you interested in getting Lip FIllers? Book in for your consultation now! Want more information why not check out our Lip Filler treatment videos? 

  1. Hi, I was wondering how much it costs to get the lip fillers and how old do I have to be in order to get them done?

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