Botox Treatments for Smile Lines

Botox treatments for Smile Lines now available in our Harley Street clinic

Botox Treatments for Smile Lines - Canary Wharf

Smile lines are the small lines at the sides of the eyes, otherwise known as crows feet. These lines appear from the late twenties onwards and although for a lot of people they aren’t aging, some people find they make them look tired.

Botox treatment for smile lines consists of 3 quick botox injections into the skin at the side of each eye (less than 1-2mm deep). A small amount of botox or dysport is injected into the skin and within 2 weeks, the botox has settled down the lines.

Treatment of Smile Lines with Botox

Botox Treatments for Smile Lines - Canary WharfCrows feet treatments in London are mostly done with botox. The botox treatment takes less than a minute. Botox injections can be painful, so to ensure they are not, we offer ice packs and numbing gel should you require. Our doctor also uses the smallest needles available for the procedure to make sure that pain is not a problem.

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About The Treatment

No more holding back on your smile. A quick botox treatment can really soften crows feet. Watch a video about botox for smile lines.

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Botox Treatments for Smile Line – Harley Street Prices

Our prices are as follows – 1 area is £250 and extra areas are only £50.

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