The Truth About Botox

The Truth About Botox

Will it make your face shiny?

Botox can be quite controversial to those who are not currently getting it – Unfortunately with anything that is controversial many myths or out right lies will happen! These myths can be dangerous when it comes to people’s safety with booking any cosmetic treatment. Lets debunk these myths and find out the truth about Botox!

Botox will make my Face Frozen

Probably the biggest fear everybody has about Botox is that ‘frozen’ look where you are unable to move your face! The only way your face will look frozen is if your doctor gave you too high a dose. Botox works by numbing the muscles where it is injected to prevent the movement of these muscles so they don’t cause wrinkles. Botox is also primarily just used in the top half of the face – so not being able to smile or lift the cheeks just isn’t true.

Botox will give me a shiny face

Many People think that people with Botox somehow have a very glassy look to their skin! Botox merely helps smooth out the skin but has nothing to do with the skin surfaced itself. Perhaps there is more of a glow to your skin as your forehead is so much smoother!

Botox will Make Me Age worse when it wears off botox-london-amar

This is a favourite of mums everywhere! ‘You’ll regret it when you’re older!”. The official original Botox from Allergan lasts from 3-4 months and then wears off. It wears off gradually slowly allowing the movement back into the area. Once its worn off it’s gone It does not stay around in your system. Once the Botox has worn off you simply age as you would have if you never had it in the first place!

Everyone will know I got Botox

People will know you got Botox when you tell you got Botox. Botox is not something anyone else will notice unless like stated before your doctor gave you too much. You will look fresher as many of your lines are smoothened out or improved .

You should only get Botox when you have Deep Lines or Wrinkles

Botox works best at preventing wrinkles  – the deeper the line is the more difficult it is to remove. The age to start Botox is different for everyone and depends on your lifestyle and genetics  – some people move their face more than others and as a result are more likely get wrinkles.

Botox is just for Wrinkles

Botox is the medicine of 1000 uses! Every year it is being approved for more and more treatments.

Currently Botox is used for medical treatments such Bruxism, Excessive Sweat Treatments , Migraines, Joint pain and many others

Only women get Botox

They don’t call it Brotox for nothing! Botox and  other non surgical treatments such as Fillers are increasing significantly with men. Men in particular are more likely to get it as they believe it will help them along in their careers – particularly in high pressure jobs such as sales. Botox for sweat treatments are also very popular with men as they do not have to change their shirts as often!


What Botox myths have you heard of? Lets de bunk them! Comment Below with your Botox myths! Interested in a consultation? Book in now!

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